A R Wilfley India Pvt. Ltd.
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Durable. Waterless Sealing. Industrial Pumps
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Durable. Waterless Sealing. Industrial Pumps

Serving Global Industries Over 101 years

Sunil Savant – Founder, A R Wilfley India Pvt. Ltd is recognized among Top 5 Innovative Business Personalities


Our Technology

Heavy-Duty Durability

The Cost of Not Being Durable Is Not Acceptable

Durability is a Core Value of our products and our reputation.

We keep Focus through :

  • Robust design for handling tough demanding applications

  • Thicker sections resulting in improved corrosion allowance

  • Larger diameter of shaft & heavy duty bearings resulting in prolonged pump life

  • Large capacity oil sump resulting effective cooling of bearings

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Water Sealing Technology

Wilfley Sealing Technology is the Premier Sealing Solution for the toughest pumping applications and has proven to be a superior alternative to conventional sealing systems like Mechanical Seals and Compression Packing.

  • Saves Water and eliminate product dilution
  • Intermittent dry running capability
  • Excellent solid / slurry handling capabilities
  • Reduces maintenance costs, headaches and maximises production time
  • Inherently SAFE without frictional heat

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Advanced Metallurgy

Exceptional Materials of Construction for dramatically improved wear life and superior corrosion resistance for centrifugal pumps.

The improvement in Mechanical Properties of material are achieved through Proprietary Manufacturing Processes  developed at Wilfley.


MAXALLOY® 5A – Average hardness 740 HBN

WCD4TM – Average hardness 345 HBN

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Waterless Sealing Technology helps to achieve exceptional water saving at your plant. Check how

Extreme durability, processing the most abrasive slurries in Heavy Duty mining and Industrial applications

Most durable and reliable pumps in demanding corrosive and abrasive applications. 


About Us

At Wilfley, we strongly believe in our purpose to delight customers through innovation and technology, achieve inclusive and sustainable growth to remain eminent in all our businesses. In the area of Industrial Pumps, we lead tomorrow together to create a smarter and more sustainable world.
As a frontrunner in waterless pumps, Wilfley’s innovative solutions and collaborative approach makes it a preferred partner for the most ambitious projects across the country.

Industry Experience

Wilfley India supports the Indian market and the whole African market expects South Africa and Madagascar. Our range of pumps supports a wide range of applications ranging from Chemicals, Mining, Food Processing, Fertilizers, and other industries. Our operations support the manufacture and supply of the latest model pumps and the latest Wilfley sealing technology from India and supporting the Legacy models from the USA.


Most Recent Case Studies

Wilfley Solves Critical Problem in Copper Mine

One of the worst nightmares for a production manager is when a key piece of machinery fails and you’ve forced stop production and lose critical time and money. Something as dreaded as this only needs to happen once to keep you up at night worrying until the root cause...

Filter Feed Application

The Customer Grupo Mexico. Buenavista del CobreCountry: MexicoMarket: Copper MineApplication: Filter Feed Application, Copper ConcentrateProduct: Model EMW200, 8”x6”, Maxalloy 5A material, Wilfley Waterless Seal technology Background IIGrupo Mexico is the largest...

Dore Plant

The Customer Codelco, Division ChuquicamataCountry: ChileMarket: CopperApplication: Doré Plant, Anodic SlurryProduct: A9 pump with WCD4 material Background ICodelco Chuquicamata is the largest open pit copper mine in the world, located in the north of Chile, just...

A9 Chemical Pumps Extend Mechanical Seal Life

The Model A9 heavy duty centrifugal pump is a proven design that provides extended mechanical seal life and maximum uptime and represents the culmination of nearly 90 years of continuous improvement in a chemical process handling equipment. A modern descendant of the...

A9 Chemical Pump Extends Wear Life in Ethanol Plant

It’s a fact, any pump part that comes in contact with an abrasive slurry will inevitably wear out and need replacing. However, if your pump is currently wearing through parts at an obscene and unacceptable rate, it doesn’t mean it’s something you need to just accept...
Sulfuric Acid

DryLock® 3 Success in Sulfuric Acid

Last year, Wilfley had the chance to test out the new DryLock® 3 static seal in a difficult sulfuric acid application and found great success. The customer has been so impressed that they are now looking to upgrade the rest of the A7 chemical pumps in their plant. The...