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Zinc Mining

Sulfuric Spent Acid is an essential role player in zinc production on leaching, purifying, and Electrolysis processes.

Pumping Considerations

Pumping Sulfuric Acid requires specialized pumps, materials, etc. but pumping Spent Sulfuric Acid becomes more difficult, because it may have different types of impurities/contaminants and inclusive some solids percentage, not good for lined pumps, mechanical seals and packing pumps not well accepted due to continuous leakage. So, if safety is an issue pumping clean sulfuric acid, pumping spent sulfuric acid is harder.

Wilfley’s cost-saving, robust metallurgy(s) and leak-free solution to pumping Sulfuric acid:

The Wilfley Waterless and Leakless Seal technology (Dynamic and Static Seal configuration arrangement), no flush required, no dilution, and its specialized metallurgy, able to manage certain percent of solids and no harm running dry, has been a key factor for this market increasing customer plant reliability.

Zinc Mine

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