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Lime Processing

Lime slurry is a suspension of the calcium hydroxide powder in water. The product is a user-friendly, cost-effective alkali. It has a silt-like nature in that it does not dissolve and falls out of suspension easily. Many uses for lime are due to its alkaline properties and used in a variety of industrial, municipal, and environmental applications. As a fungicide and pesticide, a lime chemical solution is sprayed on to crops. In food production, the lime chemical is used extensively to assist in clarifying liquids. Paper production uses lime chemicals for both the production of sodium hydroxide onsite and as part of the bleaching process and neutralization of acid water.

Pumping Consideration

Lime chemical is strongly alkaline and very abrasive. The slurry format is insoluble in water and the particles will have a wearing effect on moving parts where there are friction and velocity. Due to the heavy slurry, packing and mechanical seals must be kept clean with sufficient flushing systems. Due to sealing issues, positive displacement pumps are favored over traditional centrifugal pumps.

Wilfley’s leak-free solution to an aggressive problem

Wilfley’s dynamic sealing technology in combination with the Solidlock static seal offers a leak-free pumping system without the use of flush water. Pumps run without any external flushing system, providing a reliable operation 24/7 reducing maintenance time and costs. Wilfley Max5A metallurgy provides superior resistance to the wearing of pump parts. With an average hardness rating of 740 (Brinell), it supersedes any competitor metallurgy in the market, providing longevity and reliability in this tough and abrasive application.


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