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Waterless Sealing

Our patented technology of Waterless Sealing is proven as a premier solution for the toughest pumping applications. Wilfley Sealing Technology allows the pump to run dry without the need for water and makes any leaks non-factor with our dynamic expeller and frictionless centrifugal pump design. Read More

Dynamic Expeller Seal

The Wilfley dynamic expeller provides ZERO leakage during pump operation. It provides superior sealing compared to conventional sealing systems like mechanical seals and compression packing for industrial applications that contain fluids.

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SolidLock Static Seal

The SolidLock static seal is combined with the Wilfley dynamic expeller, is the perfect sealing solution for pumping applications that contain solids.

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DryLock Static Seal

The DryLock® static seal is the perfect sealing solution for pumping applications that contain corrosive liquids.

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Waterless Sealing | Wilfley: Durable Waterless Sealing Industrial Pumps

Advanced Metallurgy

Wilfley pumps are made stronger with its maximum metal contain and superior engineering processes. Our pumps carry long-lasting durability due to advanced metallurgy techniques implemented while building them. Read More

WCD4 Duplex Stainless Steel

Wilfley’s WCD4™ duplex stainless steel is ideal for erosion‑corrosion applications in extremely corrosive environments

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Wilfley’s MAXALLOY® 5A hard iron combines unsurpassed hardness with superior toughness to create the ideal material for high wear applications

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Heavy-Duty Durability

Our durable, waterless sealing technology gives our industrial pumps an unfair advantage over traditional mechanical centrifugal pumps. Read More

Performance Specification

Wilfley pumps are built for various industrial applications. Our performance specification document shares the details briefly.

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