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Ammonium Nitrate

Over 70 years of safety and reliability in ammonium nitrate production

Safety is the #1 priority in ammonium nitrate production and substantial expertise and care are needed when selecting and applying pumps. A misapplied or misused pump can be a catalyst for a very hazardous situation with serious and potentially grave consequences.

Proper Material Selection is Crucial

Ammonium nitrate can react with certain elements, such as copper, to form compounds that are known to act as a catalyst and enhance the decomposition of ammonium nitrate and increase the chances of a significant thermal event. As an added level of safety, Wilfley uses only copper-less stainless steel alloys (typically 304L) in the wetted components of ammonium nitrate pumps. Alloy bearing frames, brackets, and shafting are also available for the power end.

Wilfley also ensures that all of the o-rings and gaskets are fully compatible with ammonium nitrate.


Available Options for Ammonium Nitrate

A9 cross section Ammonium Nitrate

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