A R Wilfley India Pvt. Ltd.


New high efficiency ANSI pumps with mechanical seals

Model CA-ASME B73.1 Process Pump

Product Description:

The Centennial CA Pump is a high efficiency ANSI chemical process pump. Over 100 years of product experience culminated in a product that meets or exceeds ASME B73.1 standards and U.S. Department of Energy PEI requirements for 2020.

Product Features:

  • All models feature semi-open impeller design
  • High accuracy, external clearance adjustment method
  • Available in economincal carbon steel and Wilfley proprietary WCD4 material
  • Options for large, small bore as well as oversized tapered bore seal housing in addition to traditional stuffing box
  • Auto-alignment C-frame mounting options
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA safety standards
  • CE conformity option


  • Capacity upto 950 Cum/hr
  • Heads to 150 m
  • Temperature to 260 Deg C
  • Pressures to 20 Bar

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