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SolidLock®  Static Seal

The SolidLock® static seal, combined with the Wilfley dynamic expeller, is the perfect sealing solution for pumping applications that contain solids.

It has proven to be a superior alternative to conventional sealing technologies like mechanical seals and compression packing.


How the SolidLock® Static Seal Works

The SolidLock® has a simple but very effective design. At start up, centrifugal force moves weights outwards to open the seal faces and prevent any rubbing contact. At shut down, isolated springs force the seal faces to close before any of the pump fluid can escape.

The SolidLock® Couldn’t be Easier to Install and Maintain.

  • Retrofit kits are available to convert existing pumps in the field.
  • The cartridge style assembly is designed for straightforward installation.
  • The seal actuating speed can be easily adjusted without disassembling the pump.

    The SolidLock Lite… a Simplified Approach

    The SolidLock® Lite is a reliable, cost-effective sealing solution for continuous-duty applications with limited downtime. The simple but effective seal relies on only two main parts and simple physics. At startup, the elastic stationary seal face assumes an un-stressed position without bearing a load on the rotary seal face. At shutdown, the pump fluid forces the stationary seal face against the rotary seal face before any leakage can occur. The stationary seal assembly is identical between the two designs, making it easy to upgrade to the standard SolidLock® for applications with frequent start/stop cycles.

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