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Caustic Soda

Caustic soda also known as Sodium Hydroxide is a highly corrosive chemical and will cause severe burns to human skin. It is a strong metallic base and used in a wide range of industrial and chemical processes such as paper production, waste-water treatment and surface finishing and etching. Residual amounts of caustic soda solution will crystallize and may cause exothermic reaction with other fluids, particularly water.
caustic soda
caustic soda

Pumping considerations

Caustic soda is highly reactive with aluminum, carbon steel and can cause problems with Viton and fluorocarbon. Contained handling is highly important as exposure to the workforce is highly dangerous. Caustic can crystallize where mechanical seals allow draining of fluid. Expensive double mechanical seals or no mechanical seal systems are usually recommended.

Wilfley’s safe and no leak solution

Wilfley’s dynamic sealing technology in combination with the Drylock static seal with Kalrez elastomer offers a leak-free pumping system without the use of flush water. Pumps run without any external flushing system, providing a reliable operation 24/7 reducing maintenance time and costs. Wilfley’s WCD4 metallurgy provides robust resistance to the reactive nature of Caustic Soda. In comparison, high nickel content based metals have porosity issues and are very expensive.

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