A R Wilfley India Pvt. Ltd.

Last year, Wilfley had the chance to test out the new DryLock® 3 static seal in a difficult sulfuric acid application and found great success. The customer has been so impressed that they are now looking to upgrade the rest of the A7 chemical pumps in their plant.

The customer has been using Wilfley pumps since the 1940’s and they currently have a large number of A7 chemical pumps in their plant. The pumps are used in various services throughout their plant pumping sulfuric acid , nitric acid, and oleum. They’ve had some sealing issues with the DryLock® 1 in the past so they were eager to see how the latest generation of the seal would perform.

The DryLock® 3 static seal has all of the state-of-the-art features of the DryLock® 2 loaded into an existing DryLock® 1 seal housing. These new features significantly improve the reliability in static sealing over the original design:

  • The simple design makes it easy to adjust and maintain a precise seal opening
  • The small controlled seal opening allows for rapid seal actuation at startup and shutdown
  • The seal faces are protected by a lip seal and located further away from the expeller chamber
  • A wide range of seal face materials are available to suit your application

All of the sealing issues were solved with the DryLock® 3 and the seal life also increased significantly. In the past, a DryLock® 1 seal would typically last between 5 to 8 months in this service. The new DryLock® 3 has now been running for over 11 months with zero leakage and no maintenance required. The operators are thrilled with the performance. The customer has recently bought additional DryLock® 3 seals and plans to eventually upgrade all of the A7 chemical pumps in the plant.

The DryLock® 3 was specifically designed to be a simple cost effective solution for upgrading existing A7 chemical pumps with the latest DryLock® sealing technology. Contact your local Wilfley representative NOW to learn more.