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EMW Slurry Pumps

Heavy Duty Slurry Pump with abrasion-resistant materials and the Wilfley Waterless Sealing  Technology.

The Wilfley EMW has been designed with the latest flow modeling technologies and finite element analysis to create a pump with optimum wear life.  The type of design, combined with Maxalloy 5A hard iron or elastomer lining, creates the ideal slurry pump for high wear applications.

Main Benefits

  • Waterless Sealing Technology
  • Leakless seal operation
  • High durability
  • High Chrome and elastomer lined constructions
  • High Efficiency, low energy consumption
  • Design for up to class 4 slurry services
  • Heavy-Duty bearing offer LB10 bearing life of more than 50,000 hours

Main Applications

  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Aggregates (sand and gravel)
  • Lime Slurry
  • Food Industry
  • Wastewater
  • Chemical slurries

Key Characteristics

  • Capacities:
    Metal Construction: up to 4,000 m3/hr
  • Heads:
    Metal Construction: up to 95m 
  • Max Working Pressure:
    Metal Construction: up to 16 bar
  • Max Temperature:

Additional Characteristics

Discharge Sizes:
Metal Construction: From 2″ (50.8 mm) to 12″ (304 mm)

Flanges ASME/ANSI and ISO/DIN flanges available

Flow straightening vanes minimize turbulence, extend wear life, and improve performance

Adjustable suction cover to optimize efficiency and minimize wear (larger sizes only)

Impeller vans front and rear impeller vanes reduce wear

Optimized hydraulics for high efficiency, low NPSHr, and low wear

– Tangential discharge improves efficiency and reduces wear Static vanes to reduce wear Optimized expeller provides superior dynamic sealing with zero operational leakage

SolidLock® static seal

– Engineered for reliable sealing

– Labyrinth seals protect internal components during wash-down cycles

– Over-sized, self-aligning tapered roller bearings for trouble-free operation

– Easy clearance adjustment to maintain efficiency and optimize hydraulic and/or expeller performance

– Grease lubricated power end

Waterless Sealing:  Wilfley’s Technological Advantage

The Wilfley Waterless Seal Technology is a proven design combining a dynamic and static seal, that excels in demanding applications and is trusted by companies all over the world.

Materials Options

  • Maxalloy 5A
  • Maxalloy 5
  • WCD4

Seal Options

  • Wilfley Waterless and Leakless Seal Technology
  • Solid lock
  • Expeller with Packing
  • Mechanical Seal

Precision Engineering, Proven Reliability

The EMWs on the right pump Gypsum Slurry to a tailing pond in a Phosphoric Acid plant Mexico.  The pumps exceeded customer’s expectations with its wear part longevity and pump performance. 

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