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Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric Acid is extensively used in almost every market sector from production of hydrochloric, nitric and phosphoric acid to sugar bleaching and wastewater treatment. It is an aggressive acid and is available in several concentrations.

sulfuric acid
Sulfuric Acid

Pumping considerations

Safety is the biggest consideration when pumping Sulfuric Acid. If the pump leaks, sulfuric acid can react with exposed metal, releasing toxic fumes. Since it is extremely poisonous, it will attack the respiratory, nervous, and circulatory systems. Depending on the concentration of sulfuric acid in conjunction with high temperature, pump metallurgy tends to be exotic and extremely expensive. Extreme corrosion, wear and tear and high maintenance costs are well known for pumping sulfuric acid.

Wilfley’s cost-saving, robust metallurgy(s), and leak-free solution to pumping Sulfuric acid:

 Wilfley’s dynamic sealing technology in combination with the Solidlock static seal offers a leak-free pumping system without the use of flush water. Pumps run without any external flushing system, providing a reliable operation 24/7 reducing maintenance time and costs. In most cases, Wilfley’s W-35 nonmetallic material or the proprietary WCD4 Duplex Stainless Steel can withstand the aggressive and corrosive nature of sulfuric acid. Both materials have shown to have similar if not 2-3 times longer life than competitive metallurgies, such as Alloy 20 but much lower in cost. For extremely corrosive and high-temperature sulfuric acid applications, Wilfley provides its proprietary Hastalloy C Max, a material just as effective as Titanium blends yet lower in cost.

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