A R Wilfley India Pvt. Ltd.

Heavy Duty Durability

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Our customers always look for reliable equipment that can deliver results even with the most adverse field conditions.

Our aim is  to make products that will not only last longer, but will also withstand wear and tear coupled with pressure conditions. Our products and innovations have left a long lasting impact on our customers spread across the country in multiple industries.

Our focus on durability is demonstrated and relentlessly proved to various customers for more than 100 years.

The “Battleship” of industrial pumps, Wilfley pumps are made stronger with more metal content and superior engineering processes.

The industries we serve, demand highest durability in a pump. The cost of having a pump fail means time lost, money lost and potentially lives lost.

Our solutions last. People can trust what we recommend will work for years if not decades.

Our Pride Is Making Pumps Built To Last

We are here to help customers to meet their maintenance and production goals.  We are pump experts with over 100+ years of experience handling abrasive and corrosive solutions worldwide.

Our customers look for reliable equipment that can withstand the tough field demands and deliver results even with the most adverse conditions.

Rugged                                        Reliable                                    Dependable     
Strong                                          Safe                                          Work Horse      
Proven                                        Trusted                                      Tough

We provide customized solutions for all your industrial requirements. Talk to us.