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Aggregate / Sand & Gravel

It is common to use excavators to mechanically dig up the sand and aggregate from their pits and then place it into big piles.  large trucks then load and transport to the processing plant. This regime is not only time-consuming but also costly as it incorporates large capital equipment and manpower. Wilfley K-pro heavy-duty side suction slurry pump and EMW end-suction heavy duty slurry pump can resolve this issue in a cost-effective manner by pumping directly to the processing plant.

Pumping Consideration

Pumping sand and aggregate requires pumps to handle heavy erosion. Abrasive materials such as rocks, sand, and debris wear out pump parts rapidly. The pumps require frequent maintenance and downtime for repair. The abrasive materials also cause major issues for gland packing and mechanical seals. Frequent adjustments and maintenance are needed along with large amounts of flush water to flush out debris from seals.

Wilfley’s leak-free solution to an aggressive problem

Wilfley’s dynamic sealing technology in combination with the Solidlock static seal offers a leak-free pumping system without the use of flush water. Pumps run without any external flushing system, providing a reliable operation 24/7 reducing maintenance time and costs. Wilfley Max5A metallurgy provides superior resistance to the wearing of pump parts. With an average hardness rating of 740 (Brinell), it supersedes any competitor metallurgy in the market, providing longevity and reliability in this tough application.



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